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Emerson COF tester
Digital Display to 0.1 degree with one button operation


We are now pleased to offer non-contact Laser length measurment.  iphone app now available for your smart phone
Associated Patents: builds the 4 square cutters, we act as their sales force offerinig, new unit pricing, parts drawings and prices, as well as rebuilds, call or email for a super quick response.
Williams Apparatus: a maker of pulp and paper testing equipment is no longer in business. However we can support their equipment with new screens, rebuilds or replacment models. Other pulp testing products are also available.
Here are just a few of the other  instruments that we are currently marketing for several different manufacturers.
Digital COF tester easy to use one button operation. Incline Plane Cofficient of Friction Tester
Cobb Sizing Tester, moisture meters, release testers, tack testers, opening force testing machines, as well abrasion, thickness, micrometers and gauges
are just a few of our other testing machines. Use only one source as a supplier for many different testing instruments.
We also supply the Associated Patents four square cutters, both new machines and a complete inventory of parts.
If you need to measure yardage or length accurately, then please call or email us today.
We supply many styles of counters for length measurement, from Trumeter model 2000
series machines, to surface mounted counters for production monitoring. 


Call or email the experts today, our response times are fast and productive! Don't delay

Jamie and Bob are experts in measurement methods such as, compression, Seam Flex and fatigue, Foam Fatigue and height, Yardage, Opening force, Micrometers, ECT testing, Adhesion testing, Coaters, and many other quantitative methods. We can also serice your ISTA lab equipment such as drop testers and compreession testers.

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Testing Measuring and Counting Instruments

Jamie & Bob Aydelette 
These two measurement experts have over sixty years of combined experience. Call or contact one of them today.

James Aydelette June 2, 1957 - June 14, 2020

It is with great sadness that I have to advise our entire customer base that our senior partner, and mentor Jamie Aydelette, passed away suddenly on June 14th in a terrible bicycle accident. His charisma, drive and dedication, to our company will live on, and we will work our hardest to maintain the high level performance that our customers have depended on over the past fifty years. Hug your loved ones life in precious and fragile, rest in peace my friend, partner and brother.
Bob Aydelette

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visit this website for more details, email us for in-plant demostration

We also supply quality used equipment.

Cheminstruments, a Chemsultants Company

Trumeter Company

Bob Aydelette


Four-Square Foot Cutter Paper Basis Weight
New / Used & Refurbished as well as parts

Jamie with Laser at Textile Show in Atlanta
Non-Contact Laser length measurment

iPhone app for Proton laser monitoring, look at each of your Proton Lasers right from your smart phone, Android app to be released in the coming months

Please visit the above web sites for additional information on our products and services.
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Bob & Jamie Aydelette owners. Bob Aydelette